Fibre Optic Cabling

Future Projects Group offers complete design, installation and maintenance services for Single-mode and Multi-mode Fibre Optics projects. Typical installations include Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Industrial sites and offices.

Our engineers work nationwide and are equipped with the latest skills, installation techniques and testing equipment to ensure your network is designed to the exact technical needs of your business and 100% quality assured.

We recommend fibre optic cabling for projects requiring long distance communications due to the higher transfer speeds delivered, or for organisations wanting to be future-proofed against increased bandwidth requirements as their business grows.

The signal cannot be interrupted by external influences, such as electricity, rain or humidity. Fibre optics are also immune from interference from radio signals, ignition systems and lightning. It can be safely routed through explosive or flammable atmospheres, making it ideal for volatile conditions.

Single-mode Fibre

This is commonly used for long distance data links and is the standard point-to-point cable between telephone exchanges, with a carrying capacity of thousands of simultaneous telephone calls.

Multi-mode Fibre

This is commonly used as a network backbone, to link buildings/ communication cabinets together and is ideal for growing bandwidth requirements.

We can terminate a comprehensive range of connectors including LC, ST, SC, FC, or MTRJ.

For further information or to discuss your Fibre Optics project in more detail, please call 0800 955 4745