Case Studies

Relocation of existing network infrastructure

The client wanted to sub-let half of one floor within their main offices to a third party. The main obstacle was x4 existing communication cabinets located in the main office they wanted to let out. Future Projects Group was approached to find a workable solution that could be delivered in a single weekend, to a set budget.

After an extensive survey we identified 528 category 6 data ports terminated onto 22 x 24 way category 6 patch panels. These all needed to be relocated to a riser cupboard 65 metres away from where the original cables came up from the basement communications room, and terminated within x2 new 45u floor standing cabinets.

Work commenced on the Friday evening through to Sunday. The first phase was to identify all of the cabling before cutting them from the patch panels and removing them from the cabinet. Stage two was to cut the cabling back to the riser and remove all of the cabling from the main floor area.

A team then loomed the cables in to the cabinet and terminated all of the cabling back onto the existing patch panels. Whilst these works were being carried out, another team had to pull in and terminate x1 new 300 pair cw1308 voice cable and x1 8 core 62.5/125 OM1 multimode fibre optic cables from the communications room.

The final phase was to test all of the category 6 cabling, voice link and fibre optic link utilizing a fluke dtx 1800 category 6/ fibre tester.

Provide voice, data and electrical installation for new office

The client needed more office space for their expanding company. Future Projects Group was approached to install and commission the voice, data and electrical installation within their new office.

The requirements for voice and data were 280 category 5e data points housed in dado trunking around the parameter of the office and x1 96 voice port link from the new telephone system to the communication cabinet within the communications room. The power requirements were x128 double power sockets housed in dado trunking around the parameter of the office.

"We selected Future Projects to perform the installation work, based on our past experience with them installing reliable networks and their excellent quality of workmanship. In all, the work carried out was of excellent standard and conducted with professionalism at all times." (Quote from the IT manager)